Wisconsin Vest a Dog is an All Volunteer Organization 
Help Us
  • You can make a tax deductible donation. As soon as we reach the total needed for a vest, we order one for the next dog on the list. If you would like your donation to go to a specific dogs vest, just let us know!
  • Be a donor! Buy the whole vest and you may have an opportunity to select the dog of your choice from our list. And whenever possible, you may be able to attend the vesting and have your picture taken with the K-9 and handler.
  • You can donate your aluminum cans - see details here.
  • Help organize and host a fund-raising event Click here for ideas...
  • Distribute collection boxes to businesses.
  • Download a brochure to put up at your work place.
  • Raise funds at an upcoming golf tournament, dance, or outing.
  • Donate a portion of your ebay sales to us.

    We are always looking for volunteers!

  • Volunteers to work at booths at various fund raising and informational events
  • People to locate grant opportunities
  • Grant writers
  • Make official scrapbook for WI Vest-A-Dog, and a book for dogs already vested
  • Help to make and distribute canisters to businesses and events
  • Volunteers to coordinate fund raising and informational events
  • Ideas for fund raisers, coordinate those fund raisers and/or work at those fund raisers
  • Informal photo album of dogs awaiting vests and an informal photo album of K-9s who have received their vests for use at events (this would involve contacting Police Departments to get pictures of their K-9s sent to you)
  • Coordinating presentation of vest with Police Dept., Vest-A-Dog staff member and person who donated money to Vest-A-Dog for the specific vest
  • Recruit volunteers to help with fund raising and informational work in other Counties throughout Wisconsin
  • Recruit crafters and artists to work at events who would be interested in donating part of profits from sales at events to Vest-A-Dog organization
  • Any other ideas you may have to help our organization raise money to put a stab- proof and bullet-proof vest on every K-9 in Wisconsin
  • If you are interested in volunteering with Vest-A-Dog of Wisconsin, please contact us.

    Plan a Fundraiser!
  • Choose a date and venue - Will your event be at home, at the office, at a park or somewhere a little different? Think about what time of the year is best and find out what else is going on in the local area
  • Plan your theme - Take a look at some Fundraising Ideas to get you started
  • Set your fundraising target - Set your donation or entry fee for the event and plan some fundraising activities such as a raffle or auction to raise even more money. Think about any costs you may incur and make sure you stick to your budget!
  • Invite your guests - The more guests you have, the more you can raise! Email, phone, blog and send out the details of your event to all your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Promote your event - Put up posters in your local area or contact local media for coverage if you want even more people to know about your fundraiser.
  • Recruit help - Contact local businesses to donate items, prizes or display posters. Ask friends, family and colleagues to help out, donate and get their ideas. Ask other members on this forum for extra help and ideas.
  • Collect donations from your guests - And let them know that their donations are tax- deductible.
  • Have fun and make it safe! Don't forget to enjoy yourself. The more fun you and your guests have, the more they are likely to give! While having fun, it is vital that in holding any event you protect yourself and others by keeping it safe and legal.
  • Thank your guests!! Everyone who comes to your event will be making a difference, so let them know how much they have helped.


    Family raises money to provide a vest for a Dodge County Sheriff dog


    Young girl raises money to protect Eau Claire Police Dept.'s K-9



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